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Adoptions are a complex and emotional process. Unexpected issues often arise. At the law firm of Widmer & Schroeder, we are here to help this process go as smoothly as possible for the adoptive parents and birth parents. Our firm can assist you every step of the way, fromĀ  establishing a supportive relationship between the adoptive parent(s) and birth mother, to finalizing the adoption. We have assisted adopting families, as well as birth mothers in Louisiana and across the country. We are here to help you avoid the pitfalls that can take place without proper legal representation. At the law firm of Widmer & Schroeder, we can facilitate: open, closed, and semi-open adoptions, private or agency adoptions, interstate adoptions, same sex adoptions, intra-family adoptions, international adoptions. We also work closely with several social workers who are licensed to complete home studies and/or provide mental health counseling to both adoptive parent(s) and birth parents. We also provide referrals for doctors.


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